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Solicitor's Permit FAQ's



1. What is your contact information and where are you located?

Permits are issued out of City Hall, 120 E Caney St, and the hours of operations are Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. Friday 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 pm., except on City Holidays. You may call our office at 979-532-2491.



2. Why are Solicitor's Permit required within the City of Wharton?

Solicitor's Permit are required for all commercial solicitation on residential or commercial properties. Charities, non-profit organizations, insurance or alarm companies carrying Texas State License and political solicitation do not require a permit but must carry a registration photo identification card issued by the City of Wharton as a courtesy to citizens of Wharton.



3. How do I know if I need a Solicitor's Permit?

If you are desiring to go from house to house, from place to place in the City to sell or solicit orders for goods, wares, merchandised, services, photograph, newspapers, magazines, or subscriptions to newspapers or magazines you will be required to obtain Solicitor's Permit.



4. What is the process to obtain a Solicitor's Permit?

Each individual who solicits on your business' behalf must complete a Solicitor's Permit Application, and attach a photo copy of their government-issued ID. More information is available on the New Solicitor's Permit web-page.



5. What forms of government ID are accepted and should I provide with my completed application?

Acceptable ID Documents:

  • Current Driver License
  • Current United States Passport

Unacceptable ID Documents:

  • Expired Driver License
  • Expired United States Passport
  • Social Security Card



6. Is there a cost to obtain a Solicitor's Permit?

A non-refundable registration fee of fifty-five dollars ($55.00) for first applicant and registration fee of $20.00 for each additional agent or employee. In addition the business or applicant will be responsible for obtaining a surety bond.



7. What methods of payment do you accept?

The following types of payment may be used:

  • Cash, Checks and Credit Cards
  • Checks can be made payable to the "City of Wharton"
  • Credit Cards accepted are Visa and MasterCard



8. How long is a Solicitor's Permit valid for?

  • Each Solicitor's Permit is valid for one year from the date of issuance.
  • The issue date and expiration date are indicated on each identification badge
  • City of Wharton can revoke your identification badge if  you are in violation of Solicitor's Ordinance or any other city code or ordinance.



9. What do I do once my Solicitor's Permit expires?

Once a solicitor's permit is expired, the business and any individuals(s) soliciting for the business must re-apply using the same paperwork and procedures indicated in the question "What is the process to obtain a Solicitor's Permit?




10. What happens if I solicit for my business without a permit?

Violation of the City of Wharton Solicitor's Ordinance may result in receiving a misdemeanor and a maximum fine up to $500.00, as well as possibly having future solicitor permits denied and revoked.



11. Once I submit the Solicitor's Permit Application(s), can we solicit right away?

No, you cannot legally solicit until your identification badge is issued by Code Enforcement Department.



12. Is a Solicitor's Permit required if the Wharton Chamber of Commerce has an event (i.e Christmas Parade, Montgomery Square Wine & Arts Fair, etc.)?

No, a Solicitor's Permit is not required if you have rented a spot with Wharton Chamber of Commerce for that particular event. For additional information regarding Wharton Chambers of Commerce events call (979) 532-1862.



13. If I have a valid Solicitor's Permit, do I still have to comply with any "No Solicitation" signs I see?

Yes, "No Soliciting" means no soliciting of any kind. This applies to every business with a valid solicitor's permit on file. This applies to non-profit organizations as well.



14. If I have a valid Solicitor's Permit, and a residence has a "No Soliciting" sign, can i still knock on the door or leave any material on the mailbox?

No. "No Soliciting" means no soliciting of any kind.



15. What about mail boxes? Can I solicit by leaving my flyer/handbill on the mail box? Even if I have a valid Solicitor's Permit?

No, you may not solicit via mail boxes, even if you have a valid solicitor's permit. The federal government / United States Postal Service takes these violations very seriously. If found soliciting via mailboxes, the businesses and / or individuals are considered in violation, therefore the violation consequences outlines in Question #10 "What happens if I solicit for my business without a permit?" applies.



16. Am I required to carry my valid identification badge while soliciting within Wharton?

Yes. Each permit holder is required to have their identification badge on their person while soliciting within Wharton.



17. What about if I have a valid identification badge, but I just forgot it in my vehicle or at home?

Each permit holder is required to have their identification badge on their person while soliciting within City of Wharton.




18. If a resident or an officer asks to see my identification badge, am I required to show it to them?

Yes. You must show your valid identification badge to anyone who asks.




19. What are the guideline for handling unwanted solicitations and handbills at your home?

If the Solicitor is still in the area, please report it to the non-emergency line (979) 532-3131 and ask that an officer be dispatch to your location. Additional information available Safety & Complaints web-page.



20. How do I know if someone obtained an identification badge?

You can contact our Code Enforcement office at (979) 532-2491. Additional information available Solicitor's Permit Information web-page under "Active Solicitor's Permit", which is updated periodically.

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