Title VI

Planning & Development Director Gwyneth Teves with the Planning & Development Department is the current Title VI Coordinator. The Title VI Coordinator shall have lead responsibility for coordinating the administration of the Title VI and related statutes program, plan and assurances for the City of Wharton.

Complaints: If any individual believes that he/she or any other program beneficiaries have been the object of unequal treatment or discrimination as to the receipt of benefits and/or service, or on the grounds of race, color, national origin (including Limited English Proficiency), sex, age or handicap, he/she may exercise his/her right to file a complaint with the City’s Title VI Coordinator.  Every effort will be made to resolve complaints informally and at the lowest level first.

Data Collection: Statistical data on race, color, national origin, English language proficiency and sex of participants in and beneficiaries of City programs, e.g. impacted citizens and affected communities, will be gathered and maintained by the City.  The gathering procedures will be reviewed annually to ensure sufficiency of the data in meeting the requirements of the Title VI program.

Program Reviews: Special emphasis program reviews will be conducted based on the annual summary of Title VI activities, accomplishments and issues.  The reviews will be conducted by the Office of the Coordinator to assure effectiveness in their compliance with Title VI provisions.  The Title VI Coordinator will coordinate efforts to ensure equal participation in all programs and activities at all levels.  The City will conduct reviews annually by the end of the fiscal year.

Title VI Reviews on Sub-Recipients: Title VI compliance reviews will be conducted annually by the Office of the Coordinator.  Priority for conducting reviews will be given to those sub-recipients of Federal (U.S. Department of Transportation) funds with the greatest potential of impact to those groups covered by the Act.  The reviews will entail examination of the sub-recipients’ adherence to all Title VI requirements.  The status of each review will be reported in the annual update.

Annual Reporting Form: The Title VI Coordinator will be responsible for coordination, compilation, and storage of the Annual Work Plan and Accomplishment Report in the event of a request from the Texas Department of Transportation, Office of Civil Rights to review.

Title VI Plan Updates:  Once updated, a copy of the Title VI Plan will be made available. The City will automatically update and renew its Title VI Assurances annually or as necessary.

 Public Dissemination: The City will disseminate Title VI Plan information to City employees and to the general public.  Title VI Plan information will be distributed to sub-recipients, contractors and beneficiaries. Public dissemination will include Title VI language in contracts and publishing the Title VI Plan on the City’s internet website, www.cityofwharton.com.

Remedial Action: The City, through the Office of the Coordinator, will actively pursue the prevention of Title VI deficiencies and violations and will take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with all program administrative requirements.  When deficiencies are found, procedures will be promptly implemented to correct the deficiencies and to put in writing the corrective action(s).  The period to determine corrective action(s) and put it/them in writing to effect compliance may not exceed 90 days from the date the deficiencies are found.

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